May 28, 2005 [LINK]

Losing streak: 5

It was nice to see Brad Wilkerson hosting This Week In Baseball, introducing Washington to the world of baseball fandom. The nationally-televised 17-1 humiliation inflicted upon the recently-hot Yankees by the recently-cold Red Sox was anything but nice. For four games in a row until today, the Nationals had scored exactly three runs in each, losing each time. Tonight Esteban Loaiza threw six strikeouts and only one walk in six innings, holding the Cards to just 3 runs, but the Nationals only scored one. Arghh. Can they avert being swept in two consecutive series tomorrow?

League changes?

Steven Poppe offers yet another perspective on how to rearrange the leagues, emphasizing tradition rather than the recent push for interleague play between teams from the same city or region:

If any two teams jump to the AL, they should be Milwaukee and Washington. Make room for the final two expansion teams -- Montreal and Portland. Traditions should stay intact.