May 18, 2005 [LINK]

Princess lays a gross!

George visits RFK Stadium After spending a full extra week beyond the normal two-week incubation period last month, Princess took a correspondingly longer break between egg-laying sessions. Somehow, she bumped her lame leg recently and was in pain for a few days, but has now recovered. She has left the spider plant nest site and has gone back to the nest basket on the shelf, and has laid three eggs. According to my calculations, that makes 148 eggs she has laid during the four years she has been with us, just over a gross (twelve dozen). Truly prodigious output.

George visits RFK!

George flew into my office for the first time in quite a while today, and really sang up a storm. I took this photo of him in front of the RFK Stadium poster that came free with the Washington Post on May 1. I took a similar photo of him last year when I had a poster of Fenway Park on that wall.