March 23, 2005 [LINK]

Red Sox commit to Fenway

Great news from Beantown: The Red Sox announced a long-term renovation program at Fenway Park, meaning it will be their home "for the foreseeable future." I would guess that means at least 15 more years. No specifics were given, but they must be planning on bringing the capacity up to 40,000 or more, ultimately, which would mean building a sizable upper deck. Renovations during the winter have been inside the grandstand, involving concourses, training rooms, etc. (Renovations planned for next year were described here on Feb. 10, when the long-term prospects were still up in the air.) Team President Larry Lucchino talked about the Red Sox' three years under the ownership of John Henry, when stadium options were being carefully evaluated, and announced:

It's time to culminate this courtship with a loud, clear, long-term public commitment. We are proud that Fenway Park will be our home for years to come, and we are confident it will generate the revenue we need to be successful. ...
We will now begin to plan the Fenway Park Centennial, in 2012, sure to be a great celebration and an historic achievement.

That thought kinda puts a lump in your throat doesn't it? See A photo on that page shows a bulldozer on the field, indicating that they have replaced the turf at Fenway Park. The folks at must be tickled pink red about all this. Now, will Mr. Steinbrenner wise up in time so that they can have such a centennial celebration in the Bronx in 2023?