November 17, 2004 [LINK]

Cool tunes at Apple

Apple Computer has been very busy and very successful lately. In September they brought out a third generation iMac that has a rigid stand supporting a slim chassis/monitor, rather than a base and separate pivoting screen as before. In October they released a Photo iPod and a U2 Special Edition iPod, as part of a TV ad campaign featuring Bono and his crew. Apple's stock has soared into the middle 50s, four times what it was three years ago. (D'oh!) Thanks to iTunes and Apple's Music Store, I've belatedly learned who sang some of the best rock songs over the last decade, as I've gradually lost touch with the "hip" sounds of the Younger Generation. For those like me who are getting "Too Old to Rock and Roll, but Too Young to Die" (the title of a Jethro Tull song), here is a primer of some of the finest Classic Rock of recent years, the first five of which I've purchased, and the last four yet to be downloaded into my iTunes library. (This list literally expanded as I was writing this, as I located a song in iTunes while hearing it being played on the radio.)