June 12, 2004 [LINK]

Movin' on up

Welcome to the "new" Web site! So far, the only thing that has changed is the address (make sure to "bookmark" it), but there will be a number of enhancements in coming months. Within a month or two I plan to include multiple "guestbook"-type pages, possibly leading to a discussion board making it easier for fans to exchange information. There will also be more photos, and I invite visitors to submit photos that they would like to share with others. (Note the new e-mail address: baseball@andrewclem.com.) All submissions will be properly credited. It will probably take me a couple days to get all the files transferred properly to the new server at ICD Soft. I do virtually everything manually, so there are bound to be some temporary glitches, but that's the price you pay for customized appearance and efficient functionality. Thanks to all for your patience and your support. And now ... Play Ball!