February 21, 2004 [LINK]

Gay marriage rampage!

Thanks to judicial activism, the Left has got its foot in the door on yet another crucial and divisive issue, bypassing the legislative branch and creating a fait accompli. Hundreds of same-sex couples have already gotten "married" in San Francisco, while legal challenges go on. To me, the "right to marry" is just another one of those vacuous absurdities that gets taken seriously in modern America. "Why not? What harm could it do?" Well, I guess we'll see... For a thoughtful and very fair-minded take on the whole issue, read what Donald Sensing has to say.

So, is it any wonder that President Bush got fed up with months of stalling by Senate Democrats and made another bench appointment of a conservative judge? For the time being, William Pryor will serve on the Federal appeals court for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta. He is on record as being strongly opposed to abortion. Cultural warriors to the ramparts!

In yesterday's Washington Post (access to the Web pages of which now requires registration), Charles Krauthammer notes the irony that one of the leading Bush-bashers, presumptive Democratic nominee, John Kerry, is warning of a coming Republican "smear campaign." Krauthammer lists some of Kerry's biggest policy flip-flops:

As Krauthammer says, talk about chutzpah! As of now, Kerry looks very strong, and there is no doubt he will milk the "chicken hawk" argument for all it's worth, but he obviously has a lot to be defensive about.

JOKE (I forget the source): Captive ex-tyrant Saddam Hussein is reported to have declared that Howard Dean's withdrawal from the presidential race has not made America any more secure. Smile

NOTE: This is a "post facto" blog post, taken from the pre-November 2004 archives.