Andrew home Photo gallery Fall, 2003:
James Madison University, pet birds, mushrooms

Rainbow JMU lake

Talk about inspiring! This is the view as I drive into the JMU campus every morning. There is usually a fountain that sprays 20-30 feet high, from the artificial island visible on the left side. The tall building with the red roof in back of the smokestack in the background is Wilson Hall, the main administration building. The parking garage and football stadium are off to the right side. The buildings on the left are mostly sorority houses.

All the buildings in the central quad of the JMU campus are built of gray limestone, with red tile roofs. It is all very attractive. In back of these buildings (to the right, which is southeast), there is a ridge descending into a valley, which offers a superb view of Massanutten Mountain in the late afternoons. In the foreground is Maury Hall, where my office and the rest of the Political Science Department are located. In the background is the clock tower of Wilson Hall, the main administration building.

Princess, George, & Tweety

RIGHT: For a few months, Princess and George had a visitor named "Tweety," whom we adopted from relatives in August. After several trips to the vet to take care of an eye problem, however, Tweety died of an illness in November.

ABOVE LEFT: George's favorite snack is basil flower, which is only available during the summer and early fall months, unfortunately. Princess likes it too, but she's not quite as crazy about it as he is.

LEFT: Indian pipes, a strange kind of plant found in damp woodlands that looks like a mushroom, but is actually a member of the heath family. This was near Augusta Springs, in the mountains west of Staunton, during a hike last summer.

RIGHT: These big orange fungi are called "chicken mushrooms," and are supposed to be edible, as long as they are well cooked. Be my guest!