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Alan B, Brooklyn,NY -- Sep 04, 2006 16:55 PM
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Griffith Stadium was my first ballpark and my first impression the old shack of a ballyard was how the grandstand down the lines and the light towers loomed over the two-story residential neighborhood. The place looked HUGE. But the second and eternal impression came from the fact that Griffith Stadium was across the street from a Wonder Bread bakery -- and a big commercial bakery smells just like the local store that sells birthday cakes, only better. You might be surprised but the combination of bakery, freshly mowed grass and cigar smoke is glorious. To this day I can't walk into a bakery without thinking of Jim Lemon, Bobby Allison, Reno Bertoia, Leapin' Lenny Green -- and Safety Patrol day out in the bleachers.

John L, Rockland County, NY -- Mar 15, 2007 17:28 PM
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