Andrew Clem, Staunton, VA -- Sep 03, 2006 20:00 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 7
I happened to visit (on a tour, not a game day) during a particularly hot and dry August, so the green outfield was quite an oasis amidst all the dried grass outside. As expected, the stadium just "felt right." Not too big or too small, and I was especially impressed by the way the rows of seats gradually curve, so most fans are facing toward the infield more or less. The outfield slope and waterfall terrace is nice, but they should probably puts some seats out there. The upper deck is huge in the areas close to the diamond, rather disconcerting, but still it's a great view. I did NOT like the fake rubbery warning track, however. I look forward to seeing how the planned improvements turn out.

James Sutton, St. Louis, MO -- Oct 09, 2006 14:32 PM
2 visit(s). My rating: 8
When I visited the stadium back in the 80's as a kid, I would probably have rated this stadium at a 7. Since then they have taken away the astroturf and orange seats and really made a great ballpark even better. I don't remember much in my visits to Kauffman (Royal's Stadium back then) except for waiting for the players to come out after the game to get autographs. I look forward to taking trips in the future to Kauffman since it is just across the state. I like the changes they are going to make in the next few years.

Wesley Johnson, Kansas City, MO -- Jun 06, 2007 18:16 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 8
Apparently, there seems to be some idea that symmetry and curves are bad. Many of the new stadiums have jagged edges, which provide for "interesting" views for the fans. Kauffman stadium addresses the basic need of the fans SEEING the entire field. The fountains are fabulous and the field is beautiful. The renovations are only going to make one of the best stadiums in MLB only better. Now, granted, I live in Kansas City and attend many Royals' games, but still compared to all the other stadiums I've been to, this is still among the best.

David Steinle, Russell, KS -- Mar 14, 2008 20:29 PM
4 visit(s). My rating: 9
Still a gem after 35 years. Not a bad seat in the stadium, and the Gates BBQ is quite tasty. I can't wait to see the renovations to the stadium, for it will only make the best better! I wish the stadium were closer to downtown Kansas City, because the traffic on I-70 coming from Kansas can be hellacious, but other than that, there's nothing wrong with "The K". If kept up, it can serve the Royals for another 50 years.

Brennan M, Shawnee, KS -- Jun 18, 2008 16:56 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 9
I have been to Kauffman or "The K" as they call it in KC over a dozen times. I have once been on the field, and the field is very nice and well kept. I love the new HD scoreboard and can't wait for the renovations to be done. I don't really mind the fact that it has a one facet outfiled that's symmetrical. I like that because you can see everything no matter where you're sitting (that is, except right behind the foul poles). Parking is also a fine thing, although the roads can be a mess on game day. Despite this, I think that for many years it will be one of the best venues to watch basball.

Stefanos K, Boston, MA -- Apr 11, 2009 15:47 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 7
Kauffman Stadium is a lot better than those stadiums built in the same era I never saw a game here but I went on a tour on my company's buisness trip to Kansas City in November of 2002 It looked really nice except the exterior was nothing to look at.I love the fountians too.

Lincoln Glab, Hume, MO -- Apr 15, 2016 19:25 PM
6 visit(s). My rating: 9
My favorite big league stadium. Easy to get to, easy to get in, great to watch a game at. Everything is top notch about Kauffman. Plenty of bathrooms, food is above average, prices are affordable, even with the Royals winning the World Series and appearing in the last two. Their Hall of Fame pays tribute, not only to the Royals and their history, but the history of baseball in Kansas City, with an emphasis on the Negro Leagues and the nearby Negro League Hall of Fame. I literally have nothing bad to say about Kauffman and am proud that it is my current "hometown" stadium.

Mike Y, Paola, KS -- Jan 24, 2020 23:16 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 9
I've been a Royals fan since they began and I still remember the news conference being held before the season showing off the new uniforms complete with Roger Nelson (pitcher) modeling the uniform. I loved that first season and still know most of the names of the players including Lou Pinella (eventual rookie of the year). I saw well over 100 games here over the years (including 46 home games in 1986 where we parked across I70 at a hotel you can see from inside behind left field and ran to get 5 dollar general admission seats). I remember one memorable time when two Baltimore Oriole outfielders collided in right center knocking Paul Blair unconcious as several royals circled the bases. I froze my butt off many times in April and endured a 2 hour rain delay once where water waterfalled down the steps in the seats while we occupied ourselves walking from right field to left field along the rail and back. I also saw a sold out game once with friends where we had to stand behind the seats during the game until people left later on so we could sit. (Shriners parade that day) It has always been a beautiful ballpark.