Dan Crosser, Naperville, IL -- Aug 20, 2011 20:56 PM
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I have never actually been to this ballpark in person, but I can explain the gap behind third base. The ballpark is located on the infield of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, which is a road course that once hosted the Formula One Mexican Grand Prix. Where the ballpark is located a long straightaway leads to a long corner that comes around to the front straight. Speeds were dangerously high approaching this turn, so in 2002 when the Champ Car Worlsd Series raced there the cars were slowed bu rerouting the racecourse through the baseball stadium. The cars would make a sharp right entering near the right field foul pole, then turn left in the right field alley and exit the stadium through the gap behind third base and rejoin the original circuit.