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September 8, 2006 [LINK]

Stadium impressions fixup

The "stadium impressions" feature has been modified in two ways: First, the form for registering impressions of ballparks only appears for those who have already registered for this Web site and are therefore eligible to use it. Non-registrants simply get a message saying they are not registered. That will avoid unnecessary clutter and confusion. Second, that form now uses the information you already provided when you registered, so you don't have to fill the same thing in over and over again. The downside is, anyone who has already registered will have to go through the registration process again if they want to submit their impressions of additional stadiums. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The mail bag: Filled to the brim!

With all the effort put into the new "stadium impressions" features, I've fallen behind on my e-mail again. My apologies as always. Charlie O'Reilly, who runs a very useful and informative ballparks Web site (updated link), took the time to share some thoughts on science, philosophy, and religion. I'm indebted to him for some of the information on the Hiram Bithorn Stadium page.

Jonathan Karberg provided me with excellent detailed descriptions of Busch Stadium II, some of which differ from my previous estimates, so I'll have to revise those diagrams in the future. He had previously filled me in on some of the details of Busch Stadium III.

Mike Zurawski sends three news items: The Miami Dolphins have "world class" ambitions for their stadium, which is undergoing the first stages of a $250 million renovation that will take three years; see (Will they replace the movable section with a permanent concrete structure?) The Commission on Chicago Landmarks presented an award for "Preservation Excellence" for the newly-expanded bleachers at Wrigley Field; see EPSN. And the San Jose Mercury News reports that MLB favors relocating the Athletics to Fremont, so as to tap into the Silicon Valley high-tech sector's cash stockpiles, but not further south to San Jose, which falls within the Giants' territorial domain. "Cisco Field"? The Giants, however, "are determined to keep the A's, currently located just 10 miles from AT&T Park, from moving farther away." Weird.

Chris Kassulke informs me that Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium was torn down on August 2, 1997.

Dave Zanko informs me that the L.A. Raiders left in 1995, the same year the Rams left Anaheim Stadium across town. The Memorial Coliseum page has been duly corrected.

Bill Buck, a SABR Member, asks:

Do you have a list of current stadiums with square footage of playing area calculated? In play and foul areas? Has anyone developed this? I am doing some statistical research on park factors and am looking for this information.

Finally, I received this query from Mary Ann:

My uncle played for a team in Chicago, sometime between 1925 and 1930 called the Black Pirates. If I recall correctly it was mostly made up of Italian-Americans. Do you have any knowledge of this team and how I might find information on them? It is rumored that the sports writer of the Chicago Tribune wrote about my uncle and how promising he was as a baseball player.

Thank you for your help.

Does anyone out there know the answers to either of those questions?

Posted (or last updated or commented upon): 08 Sep 2006, 11: 55 PM

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