November 29, 2014 [LINK / comment]

U.S. Cellular Field update

U.S. Cellular Field

I've been on a roll during this Thanksgiving break, and just updated the diagrams on the U.S. Cellular Field page. The most obvious change is the inclusion of entry portals in the upper deck and in the small mezzanine deck, which has five rows, not four as I had thought. Since those entry portals define the structural members (and thus the seating sections), I was able to get the position of the light towers much more accurate. Less obvious is the corrected positioning of the grandstand, which spreads out slightly more than before, i.e., the angle is less acute. The curved portions near the foul poles are now about ten feet further to the left and to the right, respectively.

For the moment, I'm prioritizing current MLB stadiums, and expect to have Dodger Stadium done any day now. Those diagrams were last updated in 2009, very out of date, but by no means the out-of-datest. (?) Meanwhile, Safeco Field continues to bedevil me with minor uncertainties...

Red Sox get Sandoval, Ramirez

Eager to rebound from their mediocre year, the Boston Red Sox announced that they have signed former Giant Pablo Sandoval and former Dodger Hanley Ramirez. "The Panda" (age 28) will get $95 million over five years, plus options, and is expected to replace David Ortiz as designated hitter once he retires. Meanwhile, Ramirez (age 30) is getting $88 million over four years, plus a vesting option. Ramirez was traded (while still a minor league prospect) by the Red Sox to the Marlins in exchange for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell. (ESPN) Wow, whatever happened to those guys? I could have sworn Sandoval was older than Ramirez.

J-Zimm gives thanks to Souza

As a token of appreciation for that no-hitter-saving catch last September 28, Nats pitcher Jordan Zimmermann gave right fielder Steven Souza Jr. a Best Buy gift card, for an amount that was not disclosed. Souza said it was "not necessary" and "incredibly generous." There had been talk about a BMW, but that was a bit extreme. (Washington Post) Well, it's the thought that counts!

Steven Souza catch 092814

Steven Souza's highlight reel catch, previously posted on September 29 -- exactly two months ago!

Josh Willingham retires

Former Nationals slugger Josh "The Hammer" Willingham announced his retirement last week, joining fellow former Nationals slugger Adam Dunn. He is 35, and played 11 years in the major leagues. He had played with the Minnesota Twins for the past couple years, and was traded to the Kansas City Royals in August, but didn't get many at bats. He went 1 for 4 pinch-hitting in postseason games. (ESPN)