January 2, 2012 [LINK / comment]

Are you ready for some hockey?

The annual National Hockey League Winter Classic is half way into the third period right now, with the New York Rangers leading the Philadelphia Flyers, 3-2. You know what that means:

Citizens Bank Park

Yes, baseball fans, I had to update the Citizens Bank Park page with a hockey version diagram. As you can see, they built a temporary bleacher section in what would be deep center field. They should have built such bleachers a lot closer to the ice, I think. The Flyers' usual home ice is Wells Fargo Center, formerly known as Wachovia Center. At least that's what my 2012 World Almanac says. Back in June 2009 I learned better than to express opinions or facts about hockey, so that's all I'll say for now. smile

I also learned from long-time fan Matt Ereth that an outdoor college hockey match between Ohio State and Michigan will be held at Progressive Field in Cleveland on January 15. I suppose I'll have to do that one as well.

At some point I plan to do a historical chronology of pro sports franchises, comparing which cities had how many pro teams from the four major sports on a decade by decade basis. Stay tuned...