November 11, 2010 [LINK / comment]

Fabulous fall foliage photos

It seemed like this year's fall foliage season lasted longer than usual, possibly due to the optimal sequence of rainy weather in late summer followed by (mostly) dry weather since then. (Virginia experienced near-drought conditions from mid-June through mid-August, more or less.) The colors of the leaves are already past their peak, but you can still find places where the combination of red, orange, and green just makes your mouth drop open. It's one of the special benefits of living in a temperate climate in the middle latitudes; people from the tropical areas of Latin America never get to enjoy it. For them, the change of seasons basically means going from rainy to dry and back again.

Anyway, I've been trying to photograph some of the most vivid fall foliage scenes for the past several weeks, sometimes getting it just right, as in the photo of the Blue Ridge below, or in the bright yellow Maple tree that Jacqueline and I saw near Beverley Manor Elementary School yesterday. I've been spoiled with all the days of bright sun and clear blue skies, just perfect for picture-taking. Quite often, however, I've been frustrated by the suboptimal lighting conditions, or what have you. I have noticed that the colors of the leaves often look even more intense on overcast days, as if they were glowing, but that may just be a subjective impression. Take a look at the new photos from recent weeks on the Autumn 2010 photo gallery page. Enjoy!

Blue Ridge fall foliage

Fall foliage on the Blue Ridge, east of Waynesboro, on Oct. 29. This view is looking toward the north from Interstate 64, about a mile from the peak at Rockfish Gap. Click on the image to see a larger-size version.