April 21, 2010 [LINK / comment]

Kauffman Stadium update

Quick change of plans: I updated the Kauffman Stadium Kauffman Stadium page with exquisitely tweaked diagrams that more accurately render the profile and the new outfield waterfall pavilion seats. I do wish they had kept more green grass slopes out there, but it's nice that fans can now walk all around the waterfalls, enjoying the cool spray on a hot summer day.

Detail-oriented fans of this Web site will notice that I am paying more attention to the specific layout of the dirt diamonds for each respective stadium. The standard dirt diamonds in my old diagrams are generally too small by about ten feet, and the notches in front of first and third base were too small as well.

What prompted this abrupt, unscheduled revision was a fact check from a guy named Barry who pointed out that 1980 was not the first-ever Missouri-only World Series, as I had mistakenly written on that page. Actually, the first time that happened was in 1944 when the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Browns played against each other in Sportsman's Park. I knew that, or should have known it, since my father was at that World Series! He even got autographs from several of the players.