August 18, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Road Trip 2009 photos: D.C.

Lest anyone think that all I care about is baseball, birds, and politics (more on those topics very soon!), I have assembled a page full of highly scenic photos I took in Our Nation's Capital on the first day of this month, as I was beginning my Great Road Trip. The weather was perfect, and I hastened to make the best use of my brief time available, walking for at least three five miles altogether. My tender feet paid the price with severe blisters later on, but it was worth it, as I hope you will agree. Below is a montage taken from the all-new Washington, D.C. photo gallery, including a few places that are less familiar to most people:

Washington, DC montage

CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, OAS Building, World War II Memorial, Meridian Hill Park, U.S. Capitol, Memorial Bridge, White House.