July 6, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Three Rivers Stadium update

The diagrams on the Three Rivers Stadium Three Rivers Stadium page have been revised, with minor adjustments to the outfield fences and grandstand depth. The exit ramps around the perimeter are now clearly indicated on the main diagram and in the profiles, which are much more accurate than before. Also, details such as lights are now included. Finally, I rescanned one of the photos of that stadium that I took. Note that, at least for the time being, I have decided to list the maximum (baseball) seating capacity for each stadium, rather than the nominal capacity, which means very little. Three Rivers was one of several stadiums in which large portions of the upper deck in the outfield were closed during baseball games in the 1990s. If they really needed to, however, they could have made those seats available.

By the way, that happens to one of the pages that are sponsored by Mark London. If you have a favorite stadium for which you would like to see an enhanced diagram, etc., it takes just a few mouse clicks to become a sponsor... As some of you might have guessed, the recent concentration on ballparks in Pittsburgh is related in no small measure to a recent centennial celebration in that city...