June 12, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Digital TV conversion day (II)

We were supposed to convert to digital TV back on Feb. 17, but Congress intervened at the last minute. After all the public announcements for several months leading up to the planned switchover, "Never mind!" Most stations decided to postpone the conversion until June 12, to give folks one last chance. Well, today, it finally happened. To commemorate the big conversion event, I unplugged our cable from the TV this morning, and hooked up the old "rabbit ears" antenna for one last time. The reception on the few remaining analog stations was pretty bad, as you can see:

TV, antenna

I shall ceremonially toss that now-useless antenna into the dumpster forthwith. Welcome, "brave new (digital) world"!

Web sites that endure

As I was cleaning out my office the other day, I came across a 1999 magazine article sent by a friend with the addresses of some cool Web sites. I decided to check some of them out, and was pleased to learn that some of them are still alive and kickin'. If you've got spare time, take a look at howstuffworks.com, which as you might imagine is all about "how stuff works," and historicwings.com, which has lots of information and images of old military aircraft, from World War II, etc. I could lose hours browsing sites like that, except that I spend too much of my time adding new and enhanced content to this Web site.