April 17, 2009 [LINK / comment]

New Yankee Stadium photos

Thanks to Brian Vangor for sending me a batch of photos he took at the inaugural game at New Yankee Stadium yesterday. Five of them are now posted on that page, including the one below. The outcome of the game was a drag for New York fans, but at least they got to enjoy beautiful weather. Today, the Bronx Bombers lived up to their name, getting five home runs in a close win over the Indians, 6-5. (see MLB.com.) All five homers went to right field, and I noticed that Derek Jeter's go-ahead homer in the eighth inning only cleared the right field wall by about ten feet or so. I estimate it traveled about 350 feet total. Babe Ruth would have been very happy playing in New Yankee Stadium.

New Yankee Stadium scoreboard

The Yankees' bullpen, the new Monument Park, and the "Bleachers Cafe" and "Mohegan Sun Sports Bar" are visible below the super-sized video scoreboard. Photo courtesy of Brian Vangor.