April 2, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Municipal Stadium update

The diagram and text for KC Municipal Stadium Municipal Stadium, former home of the Kansas City Athletics and Royals, have been revised. The profile has been refined, light towers have been added, and various small details have been corrected. The only major change in terms of the outfield is in the left field fence in the 1956 version. I've also been working on the Royals' present home, Kauffman Stadium, which is being renovated this year; see below.

The mail bag

Mike Zurawski sends news that Bud Selig has appointed a three-man committee to find out what needs to be done to get a new ballpark built for the A's. Team owner Lew Wolff recently told reporters that he now hopes to move the A's to San Jose, which is currently part of the San Francisco Giants' territory, so he need Bud's intervention. See MLB.com. In hard times like these, chances for building a new ballpark just about anywhere are pretty meager; you might as well send that MLB committee on a diplomatic mission to find permanent peace in the Middle East.

Mike also found a photo gallery of the nearly-completed Kauffman Stadium renovations at MLB.com. Most of the pics are of the goofy kids' entertainment stuff, but a few of them are useful.

Finally, there are some great interior photos of Citi Field, showing the distance markers in a slightly different location than previously planned, at baseball-fever.com.

By the way, I finally registered at baseball-fever.com, using the ID "AC/DC2005," as in my initials, the District of Columbia, and the year baseball returned there. I've been a shameless "lurker" there for years, and figured I ought to start contributing, especially since my work is often cited there, or in some cases, posted without proper citation. frown

OK, all you fans who "lurk" on this Web site, it's time to stand up and be counted: Go ahead and REGISTER so that you can contribute your own stadium impressions or comment on the blog.

UPDATE: Bruce Orser sent me a link to a page full of Kauffman Stadium renovation photos, at a Web site appropriately named kauffmanstadiumrenovation.com.