February 17, 2009 [LINK / comment]

DTV conversion: half-baked

Even though Congress extended the mandatory deadline for broadcast television stations to convert to all-digital signals from today until June 12, some stations opted to do the conversions today as originally scheduled. Of the three TV major stations in this part of Virginia, two made the transition already, and one (the PBS station) decided to postpone the transition for nearly four months:

This ambiguous interlude will cause much confusion and anxiety, especially among elderly folks and poor people who are susceptible to con artists. And perhaps Congress will extend the deadline again, just in case some hapless TV viewer has not been paying attention to all the announcements.

Just as promised by Comcast, our cable TV service was not affected by the digital conversion. For some reason, however, they continue to provide analog-quality television from the local and regional TV stations, which makes no sense to me. If the stations are broadcasting in digital, why doesn't the cable company do likewise?