February 3, 2009 [LINK / comment]

The perfect (snow) storm

I was never a big fan of winter weather, having had plenty of that when I was growing up on the prairies of South Dakota. (!) Nevertheless, there is something to be said for occasional blasts of brisk, wintry weather. In that sense, the snowstorm we had last night was just about perfect: Everything was coated in a blanket of white, with brilliant sunlight in the morning, helping to melt the snow off the streets. It was only about three inches deep, causing minimal disruption (except in the public schools), and we should be able to return to our regular routine by tomorrow.

Snowy trees

The view in our back yard, about 9:00 this morning.

Also see: Bell's Lane snow panorama camera, taken late this afternoon, showing two ponds and the Blue Ridge in the background.