April 28, 2008 [LINK / comment]

April showers bring (Cape) May warblers

The heavy rainfall this morning made for hazardous driving conditions, but after it cleared up I got to enjoy a small-scale warbler "fallout" at Sweet Briar College in the afternoon, with two first-of-season sightings. I heard several Yellow warblers singing in the trees right outside my office building, but only saw one, a female. There were also some Yellow-rumped warblers and Chipping sparrows, but the biggest delight was seeing two (male) Cape May warblers at very close range, within 20 feet. The last time I had seen one of that species was in October 2006.

Ramseys Draft, Braley Pond

On Sunday, Jacqueline and I did our first serious nature hike of the season, about half way up the Road Hollow trail at Ramseys Draft. We saw two first-of-season warbler species, plus a few others, but no Scarlet tanagers to be seen or heard, surprisingly. Highlights:

Location: George Washington National Forest - Ramseys Draft
Observation date: 4/27/08
Number of species: 18

We also heard an Ovenbird. Prior to that, we did a quick walk around Braley Pond:

Location: Braley Pond
Observation date: 4/27/08
Number of species: 16

We also heard a Louisiana Waterthrush and a few Pine Warblers.