March 25, 2008 [LINK / comment]

Is Hillary Clinton a liar?

That is what is known as a rhetorical question. Of course she's a liar! After all, everybody lies, right? So what?

Very few of us tell such bald-faced whoppers about very important factual matters, however. In the mendacity department, Hillary and Bill are truly in a league of their own.

On the CBS Evening news last night, there was an extraordinarily candid piece by a reporter who was with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton when they visited Bosnia in 1995. The video clips and first-hand recollections of the reporter left no doubt that Hillary's claims about being shot at as the plane landed were 100% bogus. (Let's hear it for the mainstream media! smile) Later that evening, Sen. Clinton admitted the false statement, and today she lamely explained that it was "a mistake." Her grim, contorted face revealed that she knew what an awful mistake she had really made, for it may just have ruined her chances for good. See Washington Post. I think this just goes to show how power and self-righteousness tend to cloud one's own perception and recollection so heavily that truth and fiction become hopelessly mixed up. Hillary probably wishes she had been shot at.

Well, so much for Hillary's brief upward bounce in the polls following the outrageous news about Barack Obama's former preacher, the Rev. Wright. (Or is it Rev. Wrong?)

Is Richardson "Judas"?

Meanwhile, James Carville says he won't back down from his comparison of Bill Richardson to Judas, just because he (Richardson) decided to endorse Barack Obama, despite his close ties to the Clintons. See New York Times; via InstaPundit. Since when does an honest change of opinion signify betrayal?? Sometimes we learn things that cause us to change our mind. Carville's rabid zealotry really showed through this time, and it's not a pretty sight. [It was also very unseemly of Carville to exploit Good Friday and the image of Christ's crucifixion for political purposes.]

News Leader on local GOP races

On Saturday I was interviewed at length about the upcoming GOP party elections by Lauren Fulbright, a reporter for the News Leader. [In the Sunday paper,] Easter Sunday no less, there were two big articles that emphasized the rifts in the party. As for the article on the Staunton race, in which I am a candidate, I was accurately quoted for the most part, though the chronology of the April and May meetings last year was a little mixed up.

The article on the Augusta County race mentioned an incident at the Belle Grae Inn on Saturday morning, when the Mountain Valley Republicans (including me) were meeting for breakfast. There was an unfriendly uninvited "guest" who rebuffed repeated polite requests to leave the premises until the owner of the establishment asked him to. I didn't see any physical contact or rudeness.

Finally, I have prepared some "campaign literature" in preparation for the mass meeting on Saturday (?)*:

* NOTE: According to the RPV State Party Plan,

All calls for Mass Meetings or Party Canvasses shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Election District not less than seven (7) days nor more than thirty (30) days, except those calls for special elections, prior to the Mass Meeting or Party Canvass and except calls published in any presidential election year, in which case the call shall be published at least fifteen (15) days in advance.

As far as I know, the meeting call has not yet been published in the News Leader, which is the only newspaper in this election district (City of Staunton). Inquiries to local party officials have not been answered thus far...