February 12, 2008 [LINK / comment]

Augusta Bird Club Web site

At last night's meeting of the Augusta Bird Club, I announced that I had finished revamping the club's Web site. It has a number of automated features to make it easy to update, and before long, other members will be able to participate in doing so, without my involvement. The new Web address is simply: www.augustabirdclub.org. Today I made some corrections and graphical touchups, and it is now pretty much "ready for prime time."

Highway birding

On the way to Sweet Briar College on Monday morning, I saw a Flicker and some Bluebirds, but fewer Red-tailed hawks than usual; three is about the average. On the way to the Mike Huckabee campaign rally in Weyer's Cave in the afternoon, I saw at least three Kestrels, one of which was hovering like a helicopter near the airport.