November 8, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Black swan in Augusta County

Black swan I got a phone call this afternoon from a Mr. Starke Smith alerting me to the presence of a Black swan on Goose Creek Road west of Waynesboro. The weather was rather bleak, with steady drizzle, but I rushed on over as quickly as possible. It didn't take long before the long-necked bird popped into view. After a few minutes, another Augusta Bird Club member showed up, Elaine Carwile. Not until I arrived did I take the time to check my field guide, learning that the Black swan is a non-native domesticated species, possibly belonging to the farm owners, or else it escaped from somewhere else. No matter; it still counts as a life bird for me! Black swans come from Australia.

Elaine and I also saw a Downy woodpecker and White-breasted nuthatch nearby, as well as thousands of Starlings across the fields, and we also heard a kinglet.

By amazing coincidence, another black Swann (Lynn) has been seen in many cities across Pennsylvania recently, but he lost in the gubernatorial election yesterday.