October 27, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Sen. Allen returns to Staunton

Sen. George Allen made a campaign stop at Mrs. Rowe's Family Restaurant here in Staunton this morning, and a large contingent of Republicans attended the breakfast to show their support. It was a pretty impressive display of party unity, and seems consistent with the apparent widening of Allen's slim lead in the polls as the election draws near. Virginians are very sensible people by and large, and as they go into the voting booths, I think the incumbent's solid record and conservative positions will count more than a couple offhand gaffes. Besides, how many people in this state really know who Jim Webb is? Perhaps if he had done a few more months of preparation for the campaign he would have had a better chance.

I brought our newly-repaired video camera along to record the event for posterity, and reported on the event at swacgop.org. Unlike his previous visit to Staunton in August, today's campaign event was free from any nuisance caused by costumed political opponents. Maybe I should do some "guerrilla" videography at a Webb campaign event just to see what happens. Nah...

To see a seven-minute video clip (11.5 MB) of Sen. Allen's talk this morning, click on the image below. (Apple Quick Time format, free download.)

George Allen breakfast