October 21, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Car bomb in Colombia

President Alvaro Uribe cancelled his offer to negotiate a prisoner exchange after a car bomb set by the FARC guerrillas injured 23 people including a defense ministry official. This happened at the Nueva Granada military university in Bogota. Uribe has pursued a very determined military campaign against the rebels, achieving considerable success and earning widespread praise in Colombia, but had made some conciliatory gestures in recent weeks. In a speech at the university, he showed anger, ordering a halt to discussions with the armed leftists. See CNN.com.

Earthquake off Peruvian coast

An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude shook the Peruvian coast on Friday morning. The epicenter was 125 miles southwest of Lima, where the tremors were felt. Fortunately, there was no major damage and no one was injured. See CNN.com. Later in the day, a temblor shook the coast of California.