October 19, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Fenty's parking proposal fails

Now here's a classic case of role reversal: D.C. Council member and presumptive next mayor Adrian Fenty submitted an alternative parking plan, but it was narrowly rejected by his colleagues. They disputed his claims that the $56 million plan to build two garages north of the stadium and a smaller underground garage to the south would not violate the $611 million spending cap. As a last resort, they might have to pave over five acres of nearby junk land, which would be a setback for neighborhood development plans. Fenty used to be the staunchest opponent of public funding for stadiums, but as election day nears and he envisions the world from the perspective of the mayor, he is now adopting a more pragmatic attitude. See Washington Post.

Tigers lick their chops

While the Mets and Cardinals slug it out in Game 7 tonight at Shea Stadium, the Tigers are patiently resting and waiting for their chance to pounce. Comerica Park will host Game 1 of the World Series on Saturday night. A Washington Post article highlighted the big morale boost the city of Detroit has received thanks to the Tigers' amazing success this year. Average home attendance this year was 32,000, helping local bars, restaurants, and other businesses.