October 18, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Busch Stadium III

Busch Stadium III Too late for the NLCS, but perhaps not too late for the World Series (!), the Busch Stadium III diagram has been revised, with several significant corrections to my original rendering. One addition is a second profile, showing how the four decks are stacked tightly on top of one another in the left field corner. Many, many thanks to Jonathan Karberg for his detailed descriptions of the stadium's layout, based on first-hand inspection. Photographs are very useful for purposes of getting accuracy in the diagrams, but there is just no substitute for first-hand inspection.

Piniella joins Cubs

Lou Piniella has been hired as manager of the Chicago Cubs (see MLB.com), who deny rumors that they are about to sign Alexander Rodriguez as well. Wouldn't that be something to see in the Windy City? And will he still be a guest commentator on FOX for the World Series?

Nats keep St. Claire

Pitching coach Randy St. Claire will remain with the Nationals for the 2007 season. He earned a stellar reputation during the 2005 inaugural season, when pitching was the Nats' strong point, but this year was a different story. Whoever becomes the team's manager (Joe Girardi?) will have discretion to keep or replace the other coaches, but St. Claire's job is secure. See MLB.com.

I noticed there is another former National in this year's playoffs: outfielder Preston Wilson, who was acquired from the Colorado Rockies in July 2005 but was allowed to go at season's end under the free agency terms. Playing for the St. Louis Cardinals this year he has batted .263 and hit 17 home runs, compared to .261 and 25 home runs last year.

Mets' back to the wall

With more postseason experience under their belts, I think the Cardinals will have a slight advantage over the Mets in Game 6 tonight and (if necessary) Game 7. With Chris Carpenter pitching for the Cards, it will be hard for the Mets to avoid an ignominious defeat, even with home field advantage. The absence of Pedro Martinez and "El Duque" from their rotation may prove decisive after all.

UPDATE: Thanks "mainely" to the steady pitching of John Maine, who gave up only two hits in 5 2/3 innings, the Mets stayed alive and forced a Game 7 tonight by beating the Cardinals. For the second straight day, the home team won by a score of 4-2!

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