September 7, 2006 [LINK]

Calderon seeks immigration deal

As expected, Mexico's president-elect Felipe Calderon declared that one of his first orders of business after his inauguration will be to negotiate mutually favorable terms for immigration reform in the United States. "Calderon said he will try to convince lawmakers that the accord is in both countries' interests." He hopes to arrive at a broad solution before Bush leaves office. See That's entirely appropriate under the circumstances, and we have little choice but to seek a compromise for the sake of political stability in our southern neighbor. Just imagine, though, if a U.S. president-elect said he intended to get involved in Mexico's policy-making. Why, there would be riots in the streets and rocks thrown at the U.S. embassy! Well, this is what we get for having a government and political parties that fail so miserably at addressing matters of vital importance to our future. First it was house cleaning and yard work, then it was construction, and now it's public policy formation. Like the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, "We don't get no respect!"