August 31, 2006 [LINK]

Remember those fabulous 80s?

Well, I sure do! Men at Work, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, the B-52s, Loverboy, Culture Club, and many more! Much of the music of that era was sullied, perhaps, by the slick clothing fashions, big hair, and excessive make up, but it was all in good fun. In Latin America, the 1980s are considered "the lost decade" because of all the economic sacrifices that were made in the name of stability, and many in this country think the same thing in terms of music. Well, it so happens that Jacqueline and I were invited by our niece Karina to see a live 80s-theme music and dance show at the State Theater in Falls Church last weekend. I figured it would be some enjoyable escapist fun, but I really didn't expect too much. Boy, was I wrong! A retro group called The Legwarmers (consisting of four guys and two girls, plus two extra guys on horns) performed mostly flawless renditions of some of the classic hits of the 1980s, with a kitschy yet sincere exhuberation. Go ahead and mock the lush, overproduced synthesizer sound -- compared to the sans-melody rap "music" of today, it is a joy to behold, up close and personal. If The Legwarmers happen to be anywhere close to your area, I heartily recommend going to see them play. You will go home afterwards with a big smile on your face, and perhaps some ringing in your ears.