August 20, 2006 [LINK]

Montgomery Hall Park rocks!

This morning I took a chance on a local nature area which I hadn't visited in a while, and for the first half hour or so, I thought it was a complete waste of time. All I saw were a couple Cardinals, and the rest was silence. After I reached the northeast side of the big hill upon which Montgomery Hall Park is situated, however, I struck pay dirt: a cluster of warblers! I also saw a Yellow-billed cuckoo for the first time this year, the latest such first sighting since I started keeping records ten years ago. Todays' highlights:

* Two of those warbler species are not known to nest in this area (lowlands), so I assume this means that fall migration season has begun.

We have been lucky to have hummingbirds visit our feeder out back on a regular basis for over a month now. A male dominates the area around our back yard, but sometimes a female (or young male) shows up to sneak a few sips before the older male zooms in to chase the "intruders" away.