August 16, 2006 [LINK]

Muslims resent link to fascism

British police have learned that some of the money sent to help earthquake victims in Pakistan last winter was diverted to support the terrorist plot that was foiled at the last minute. You're welcome! Why is it that Western charity doesn't seem to earn much goodwill in the Muslim world? See

Meanwhile, many Muslims in this country and abroad are objecting vociferously to President Bush's recent use of the term "Islamofascist." (See Council on American-Islamic Relations.) Contrary to what they say, Bush has never suggested that most Muslims are fascists, and he has been very hesitant even to call attention to the fact that some Muslims are fascists, for fear of offending potential allies. Why don't moderate Muslims give him more credit for being so deferential to their delicate sensibilities? Something is just not adding up here.

More on the Allen flap

Chad Dotson has a roundup of Virginia blogospheric reactions to Sen. George Allen's strange put-down of a Webb campaign worker that raised the ugly specter of racism. He calls it a "manufactured controversy," which may well be true, but it doesn't excuse Allen for the tacky way he held Mr. Sidarth up to ridicule. Nonetheless, I agree with Chad that there's no use in rehashing the incident any further, or trying to figure out what Allen really meant by "macaca."