August 15, 2006 [LINK]

Pandas (and birds!) at the zoo

Pandas Even though the highlight of our recent visit to the National Zoo in Washington was, no doubt, the three Giant pandas, the aviary was pretty spectacular as well -- hence these photos, most of which are actually video freeze-frame images. Some of them are from the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Clockwise, from top left: Lilac-breasted roller, Puffin, Bald eagle, Grackle (?), Parakeet (?), Blue-gray tanager, and in the center, a Red ibis.

Roll mouse over the image to see two of the Giant pandas: Tai Shan, who just celebrated his first birthday, and his mother, Mei Xiang.

As an aspiring nature photographer, I feel a bit guilty about displaying photos of animals held in captivity. It's kind of cheating. On the other hand, they are in captivity precisely so that more humans may appreciate the Wonders of Nature -- or what is left of it. Anyway, I put the bird photos from the National Zoo and National Aquarium on a new separate photo gallery page: Zoo Birds. Panda fans should take a look at the National Zoo's Giant Pandas page, which includes a Web cam.