August 12, 2006 [LINK]

AMLO seeks foreign help

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leftist-nationalist whose campaign stressed the need to resist foreign intrusion into Mexico's economy, has called on foreign countries to back up his demands for a complete recount of the July 2 elections. Ironic? Perhaps even more amusing was his excuse for the attempt by his supporters to shut down Mexico City: It was the only way to draw attention to his cause because "he can't afford mass advertising." As if Mexicans' nerves weren't already stressed to the limit by the prolonged political showdown, the capital city was shaken by a 5.9-magnitude earthquake today. It was centered 125 miles to the southwest.

¿Felíz cumpleaños, Fidel?

Hugo Chavez is due to visit the Cuban dictator on Sunday for his 80th birthday. Castro is said to be recovering well from his intestinal surgery. See BBC.

El viejo barbón ya tiene ochenta (80) años. ¿Y cuando va a dejar en paz al pueblo cubano?