July 1, 2006 [LINK]

Good morning on Bell's Lane

Creature Gallery I was recently contacted by Hal Brindley, a professional nature photographer who just opened a gallery in Charlottesville. Anyone with an interest in wildlife should visit his Web site: Creature Gallery. Immediately!

I went for a drive on Bell's Lane this morning, under the mistaken impression that there was going to be a bird club field trip there, but it must be for tomorrow. Anyway, I'm very glad I went, as I spotted a male Blue grosbeak singing in the top of a tree. I saw a female of that species earlier this year, but it is still a very unusual sighting. I also saw an Eastern kingbird literally "hitching a ride" on the back of a Red-tailed hawk. Jacqueline and I had seen a kingbird pull that stunt several years ago, and it's really amazing. Here are the rest of today's highlights:

[UPDATE: In my haste, I neglected to include the latter, bracketed species in the original post. To clarify about the Blue grosbeak, I saw it on the lane along Lewis Creek just north of Route 275 just east of I-81, where I have seen the orioles on a regular basis this summer. The Kingbird and Red-tailed hawk were in the same area.]