June 28, 2006 [LINK]

Minnesota baseball history

My sister Connie brought to my attention a new book, Baseball in Minnesota: The Definitive History, by Stew Thornley, on the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library Web site. That page includes a link to a very useful timeline of historical milestones pertaining to baseball stadiums, especially legislation. It reminds us Washington fans that Minnesota fans have endured as much or more frustration as negotiations to build a new stadium have repeatedly stalled since the 1990s. See their Baseball Stadiums issues page. I was puzzled, however, by this line entry:

1982 - The Metrodome hosts its first Major League baseball game on April 6 against the new Washington Senators.

Perhaps they meant 1961, in Metropolitan Stadium.

A-Rod comes through for Yanks

Alex Rodriguez has phenomenal slugging stats but is reputed to choke in clutch situations. What better way to counteract that perception than a walk-off home run in extra innings in a nationally broadcast game?! Yanks 4, Braves 3. Too bad Marcus Giles' homer in the top of the twelveth ended up being all for nought.

Upshot: The pressure is off the Nats in Game 2 in Toronto tonight; otherwise they might drop into last place in the NL East. Like the Twins, the Blue Jays haven't received much attention lately because of the amazing success of the Red Sox, who have won ten games in a row. As for the AL Central division leading Tigers, they are being closely followed by the White Sox and Twins, all of whom have won nine of their last ten games. All this reflects the lopsided win-loss record in favor of the American League against the National League teams this month.

One of the TBS announcers in today's game said that the Yankees intend to conserve all or part of Yankee Stadium, for historical purposes. Wouldn't that be nice? Further inquiry pending...

More goofs

I recently referred to Hialeah "County," Florida, but it is actually a city, part of Dade County. Duly corrected; thanks to Christopher Jackman for pointing that out.

After taking a careful look at the aerial photo of Crosley Field in the "Take Me Out to the Ballpark" 2006 calendar, I realized that there is no bend in the front side of the grandstand in the left field corner. That means I'll have to correct that diagram in the near future. Oh, bother... The slope in front of the left field fence creates an optical illusion in some photos.