June 9, 2006 [LINK]

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Cabbage White This morning was clear and mild, so I went for a walk behind the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad. I heard a Yellow-billed cuckoo, and I think I saw one or two of them tussling around in the tree tops, but couldn't be sure. The only other birds of note I saw were an Indigo bunting and some Towhees. I at least managed to get close-up photos of a "Question Mark" butterfly, which is named for the distinctive marking on the underside of its wings, as well as a Cabbage White butterfly.

While Jacqueline and I enjoyed a nostalgic stroll under the cherry trees at the Tidal Basin in Washington late Tuesday afternoon, I caught a glimpse of a Baltimore oriole. They are distinctly rural-dwelling birds, but I suppose they are attracted to the big city by the by all those cherries, a huge food supply. Some Northern rough-winged swallows were also zooming around. While crossing Occoquan Creek driving south on I-95 the next day, I saw a high-flying Great blue heron.