May 28, 2006 [LINK]

Orioles, orioles everywhere...

Tree Swallow ... but not one good photograph! I took a short drive to Lewis Creek, a mile or so northeast of Staunton today, and was pleased to see those bright orange and black birds flying every which way, it seemed. One landed within 30 feet of me, but flew away just as I clicked the camera. Well, their melodic songs were a delightful consolation. I spotted two oriole nests, but I suspect there are at least four breeding pairs in that area. Today's highlights:

Male Tree swallow, guarding the nest box. One of the phoebes was carrying nesting material to the bridge over the creek; click HERE to see.

I also heard but did not see a Blackpoll warbler and some Yellow warblers. On Bell's Lane on the way back, I peeked inside one of the nest boxes which are supposed to be for Bluebirds, but are often used by the aggressive Tree swallows. Click on the camera icon below to see the bright white eggs, amidst the peculiar feather lining used by Tree swallows.