May 23, 2006 [LINK]

"Painted" bunting

Painted bunting My brother John recently returned from another bird-oriented trip to Florida, where he took this photo of a Painted bunting, using a flash in low light conditions to create quite a stunning contrast. Don't let the name fool you, it is not really painted. This relative of the Indigo bunting breeds in certain parts of the southeastern United States, as far west as Arkansas, and winters in the Caribbean islands. I hope I get to see one before too long. I expect more fine photos from John in the near future.

Bell's Lane

I drove over to Bell's Lane late this afternoon, in hopes of spotting a Willow flycatcher for the first time this season, and indeed I did. Also seen: several Cedar waxwings, a Yellow warbler, and a Meadowlark. I also heard but did not see a Common yellowthroat. Spring rains have made up for a dry winter, and it looks like that wetland along Bell's Lane will provide enough food for many young birds this breeding season.