May 13, 2006 [LINK]

Get a Mac!

I noticed by some TV ads that Apple has launched yet another crusade to convert Windows users, trying to avoid the condescending tone of past such ad campaigns. The "unenlightened masses" may atone for their past sins and redeem themselves at As they say, it just works! The fact that the new Intel-based Macs will be able to boot up into either Windows or Mac OS X (as opposed to running Windows emulation software, as is now possible) may just be the incentive the fence-straddlers needed to take the leap. Whether a significant proportion of iPod users will "take the bait" and switch to Apple remains to be seen. I figure the aggregate productivity of the U.S. economy would probably be at least ten percent higher if Macs were the office standard.

Apple sues Apple

The Beatles' record label Apple Corps lost its trademark infringement suit against Apple Computer last week. A decade or so ago, the Apple folks in Cupertino had agreed not to infringe upon Apple Corps' music business, but apparently they've got some pretty clever lawyers because the judge ruled that the Apple logo may in fact be used in iTunes sales pitches and promotions. See Washington Post.