May 4, 2006 [LINK]

Montgomery Hall Park

May apple flower This morning I hiked around Montgomery Hall Park, and was impressed by all the May apples, which are now blooming. (Roll mouse over the image to see the plants themselves.) May apples can be seen on almost any forest floor in the early Spring before the tree leaves block out the sun. During my walk I saw several warblers species, including a few first-of-season birds:

Behind the Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad on Tuesday, I saw a Common yellowthroat for the first time this season. No other warblers, however, to my surprise. I heard but did not see a Wood thrush and a Cuckoo for the first time this season; I'm not sure whether it was a Black-billed or a Yellow-billed cuckoo. A Pine siskin (the same one as before?) showed up at our feeder out back yesterday, and I got a better photo of it than I did on April 12, so I replaced the previous one.