April 29, 2006 [LINK]

Big (chill) Spring Day, 2006

"Spring"? Then what was that frost doing on my car this morning?? The Augusta Bird Club conducted the annual Big Spring Day bird survey today, and I covered Chimney Hollow , in the western foothills part of Augusta County. I started at 8:00 and because of the chill, I wore gloves until 10:00 or so. Just before noon, I went to nearby Braley's Pond , where a dozen or so folks were fishing. It was there that I saw the blazing orange head of a male Blackburnian warbler, probably the highlight of the day. Overall, there were five first-of-season birds, all warblers. (NOTE: Even though I am quite sure about identifying the birds listed below by sound alone, I only keep records of sightings.)

White-throated sparrow This White-throated sparrow appeared in our back yard yesterday. Very soon, it and the rest of its kind will be heading north for the summer.

Altogether, I saw 24 different species, and heard another 17, for a total of 41 species. That is compared to 44 total species two years ago, the last time I participated in the Big Spring Day.

Seen (at least one):

Violet flower 2 I saw quite a number of these purple flowers along the trail, and a few unusual yellow ones. (Roll mouse over image.)

Heard but not seen: