April 4, 2006 [LINK]

Mets' future home

The New York Times calls attention to the often-neglected (except by Mike Zurawski) plans by the Mets to build a new home next to Shea Stadium by 2009, on the same schedule as the Yankees are proceeding with their future home. One question is what to name it. The "Flushing Bowl," perhaps? Surprisingly, no one has suggested "Casey Stengel Stadium." Amazin'!

Rogers Centre

Some formerly-front-row fans in Toronto are complaining about the seating modifications made to Rogers Centre during the off season. Two rows in back have been eliminated, to make room for more vending space in the concourse, and one plush, ground-level row has been added in front. See Toronto Globe and Mail. (via Mike Zurawski)

Miller Park

The Miller Park diagrams have been revised with warning tracks and a couple minor tweaks. Also, a new version diagram showing the small picnic area in right field has been added.

Slight of hand

The Nationals would have tied the game with the Mets yesterday if the home plate umpire had made the proper call when Alfonso Soriano slid head first into home in the eighth inning. Video replays showed that catcher Paul Lo Duca clearly dropped the ball during the attempted tag, and to his credit, he later admitted getting away with a bit of good acting, saying he's "a magician in the offseason. ... The hand is quicker than the eye. I was guilty as charged." See MLB.com

UPDATE: Follies closes

I wasn't sure if the feature Style section story in this morning's Washington Post was worth mentioning, but Andrew Sullivan did, so what the heck: The Follies and other gay night clubs located on O Street S.E., where the future Washington baseball stadium will be built, officially closed down yesterday. Apparently it was an emotional occasion. Soon the bulldozers will begin razing the entire area, transforming it into a "family friendly" entertainment zone.