March 26, 2006 [LINK]

Spring!? Swallows arrive

Notwithstanding the fact that Spring has supposedly arrived, yesterday it snowed! Not much, just enough to cover the grass. As I was driving across the Blue Ridge at Afton in mid-afternoon, I encountered a veritable blizzard, with minimal visibility. That is one of the biggest accident-prone traffic chokepoints in all of Virginia, so it was rather scary. Today was a bit milder, so on my way back from Blockbuster's this afternoon, I headed out to Bell's Lane. Today's list includes two first birds of the Spring, and one first bird of the Winter:

Several Grackles appeared in our back yard today for the first time since last summer, and two Great blue herons flew overhead just before dusk. Also, two Downy woodpeckers have been visiting our suet feeder every day, so we hope they build a nest near by.