October 23, 2005 [LINK]

Afternoon on Bell's Lane

Yellow-rumped Warbler On a drive out to Bell's Lane on a mostly sunny afternoon, I saw several White-crowned sparrows and Ruddy ducks for the first time this season, right on schedule. I also saw at least a dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers and took video and still photos of them; note a trace of yellow under wing in photo. I also got photos of a Palm warbler and a Savannah sparrow, which resembles the Song sparrow. Palm warblers retain much more yellow plumage than Yellow-rumped warblers do during the non-breeding season, and will soon head to the southern U.S.A. [not the tropics] for the winter. Local bird expert Allen Larner happened to cross paths with me. Today's highlights:

I also took good closeup photos of a Praying mantis on the side of a wooden fence, and one of several Woolly bear caterpillars that I saw crossing the road. They have been added to the Butterflies, spiders, and insects page. For the inside scoop on the legend about using the Woolly bear's to predict winter weather, see noaa.gov. Upshot: NOT!